This site gives an overview of assessment methods for speech communication systems. Related documents (pdf) and presentations (power point) are provided. These documents may be downloaded and used with an adequate reference.

First of all a review is given related to forty years of assessment of speech communication systems (as presented at the 40th anniversary of the Institute of Acoustics, IOA) IOA-Forty-years-keynote .

A main topic of this site concerns the objective assessment of communication channels as well as auditoria by the STI (Speech Transmission Index), see pages 1 & 2.

An overview of international standardization of the STI measuring method and performance criteria by IEC and ISO are given on page 3.

Modern measuring equipment also provides basic measuring results. For a retrospect analysis of these data a spreadsheet as given on page 4 can be applied.

Subjective speech intelligibility methods are described on page 5.

Reproducible speech and noise level measures are required for calibrated measurements. On page 6 an overview of various speech level measures is given.

Simulation of environmental noise conditions is often required for the development of a system. Therefore a  specific data base consisting of selected noise signals was compiled and made available by a NATO study group. This database is still in use for the assessment of speech recognition systems. The description of this data base and samples of the noise signals are given on page 7.

The assessment of hearing protectors, including active noise reduction systems (ANR) and speech communication, is described on page 8.

Finally a few links to related web-sites are given on page 9.

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